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Mexican Importers Registry: If you wish to import from México, it is an essential requirement to be enrolled in the Mexican Importers Registry. Our company can help you in the process of registering your company or you use our company’s Importers Registry services.
Import and Export Consulting : If you are planning an import or export but you are not sure where to start, we can advise you about the process and how to fulfill all the necessary requirements to have a successful operation.
Export Business Plans:: To export is to venture into new markets. Entrepreneurs need to assess the benefits as well as risks, which is why an Export Business Plan will allow you to have valuable information to support your decision-making, evaluate the market you want to enter and the feasibility of introducing your products in this market.


Classification Products within a Tariff Code:: Determining the harmonized tariff code of your products will help you plan and consider the payment of tariffs, compliance of non-tariff barriers, as well as tax benefits derived from international treaties and agreements. These advanced considerations will allow you to save when paying taxes; making it one of the first procedures to be completed.
Import Cost Estimating:: The cost estimating will provide you with the elements to determine if your international trade operation is financially viable, since you will have a breakdown of approximate costs of the services required specifically for your type of operation.
Search for Suppliers, Negotiation or Inspection: If you need more information or certainty about your supplier in China or finding a supplier that suits your needs, you can request this service. Our company will confirm the reliability of the supplier making sure their information is authentic and supported by international certifications and standards.
Collection and Shipment of Samples:Once you’ve selected your supplier, we will manage the process of shipping samples to your location of choice so that you can verify the product´s quality before your purchase. This step reduces the risk as it allows you to make sure the product complies with all your requirements.
Customs Brokerage Services: Customs clearance of imported goods at different points of entry into the country: Manzanillo, Veracruz, Nuevo Laredo, Guadalajara, Mexico City, among others. Likewise, we manage clearance from customs from shipping companies like FEDEX, DHL, UPS, etc. We handle full or consolidated shipping.
Door to Door Imports: We take care of your entire import process, from the origin of the goods to the door of your business. Ocean, air and land freight coordination.
Freight Insurance: We offer a comprehensive insurance coverage according to the customs value of your goods, whether it is transported by land, air or sea. This will ensure that your goods are covered in case of any incident.
Commercial Value Certification (SGS): Our company will take care of the process to certify that the price set by the supplier is set at market value and that the supplier is not partaking in an unfair trade practice. You can also request quality certifications for your products through this service.
English and Chinese Translations: Service provided depending on the complexity and size of the document. Spanish, English and Chinese (Mandarin) translations.
Warehouse Service in Laredo, Tx.: We have forwarding services for your shipments from the United States to Mexico, and vice versa.
Mexican Official Norms (NOM) and Labeling: Our staff offers personal consulting regarding compliance with Official Mexican Norms, so that you don’t have to worry about the fulfillment of this requirement.
International Business Inhouse Services: If your company needs administrative assistance, we can provide you with one of our certified specialists in foreign trade to manage the import and export operations.
Trade missions to China: We can arrange your visit to China with a schedule of activities related to your commercial interests including the most relevant trade fairs taking place during your visit. We can also advice you on how to get your Chinese Visa and while in the country we have multilingual Mexican and Chinese staff that can assist you.
Company Formation in Mexico: Using your power of attorney, we can perform all the steps needed for creating your import trading company.
Management of Foreign Companies Imports into Mexico: If you are a foreign company and you want to sell your products to Mexico but you don´t have a representative in the country who can perform the import and re-issue the goods to your customers, then we can take care of the entire import process and the final delivery, so that the only thing you have to worry about is selling your product.



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